WhatsApp now redesigns its Settings menu to make it more informative


WhatsApp has been actively tweaking its popular messenger service since the last few years. Of late, the platform has seen some massive updates, whether in the form of a Picture-in-Picture window for all YouTube video links or the new slide to replay feature. WhatsApp is also scheduled to get a major update in terms of security, with the iOS version already receiving a TouchID or FaceID verification while logging into the app. While this update will take some time to be implemented for Android users, WhatsApp is coming up with something else to satisfy its Android users.

In what comes as a long left out parameter, WhatsApp is finally changing the design of the Settings Menu for Android users. The latest update brings with itself a revamped layout that aims to make navigating around the Settings easier than before. The redesigned menu puts focus on providing more information under each button to make it easier for users to navigate to the option they want to access.

The new Settings menu now offers more information about each option. Once you visit the primary Settings page, you will see new icons that make it a much more appealing place to be than the previous update. Also, each of the options features a description underneath the title, showing what functions does a particular option offers. For example, the Account option now mentions additional functions underneath such as Privacy, Security and Change Number.

There’s another new option by the name of Payments. This one shows all the payment history made via WhatsApp’s payments service. It will also show details of the bank account that’s linked to the WhatsApp account. All the tools in the Help section have also been updated with dedicated icons.

The ‘Data and storage usage’ option has also been revamped extensively. The new option can now let users see the net amount of data sent and received. The memory usage status is now also made available to monitor. The Network Usage option also reveals a new layout, with each section such as calls, media, and messages featuring a new icon of their own. The storage figures are displayed on the right.

The redesigned Settings menu is presently only available in the beta version of WhatsApp. It is expected that the newly redesigned menu will make it to the stable version with a week or two if no bugs or issues are discovered.