Couple on bike miraculously walks away after being run over by car

accident,caught on camera

A frightening video of a couple being run over by a car, then miraculously walking away from the crash was captured on CCTV camera and shared online.

The scary incident took place on a highway near Chittoor on April 1. The video shows the couple on a bike on an otherwise empty road. It seems the rider was trying to switch lanes or take a U turn when an oncoming white Mercedes car hits them. As the car takes time to come to a complete halt, the couple comes under the car’s wheels and gets dragged along the road.

Once the car stops, people help pull out the couple from under the car. While the man walks out from under the car in no time, the woman remains stuck. The driver then reverses the car so she can be pulled out. Incredibly, she is seen standing up and then walking towards the side of the road.